There are two things that I really like. puzzles and desserts, of course I go through my phases when liking puzzles.  There is a great way to combine the two to create a wonderful gift for your sweetheart or someone else!   This will make a very special present for someone!

You need to come up with a dessert that is fairly hard when finished, yet will not crack or crumble when cut. Many cookies (shortbread, gingerbread, sugar cookies) come out of the oven soft enough to cut but harden after they are cooled. Rice Krispie treats also work because it will not  crack when you cut it. Plus you can always make Rice Krispie treats allergen friendly.

Decorate the dessert (perhaps even make it heart-shaped) and then cut it into puzzle pieces. You can write a loving note on the dessert with a tube of icing either before or after you cut it up.

Box up the puzzle while still in pieces, as a special gift for the one you love.  Can you imagine the pleasure and wonder in their eyes while they are putting your puzzle together.   There are so many different ways you make the puzzle, an egg for Easter, heart-shaped for Valentines, or even as an ornament for Christmas.  The ideas are endless!