Calling all Dust Critters, go on a vacation at least for a day, okay seriously I can wish can’t I? Remove yourself from my floors, my tables and my chairs.   I can’t profess to being a cleaning machine cause you that would  not be fair.

Oh you dust, you are never-ending.  You show up in the darndest places and I want you gone.  I know you will be back no matter what I do but can you skeedaddle for now?  You see I have some friends coming over and two of them are allergic to you.  Besides the fact that I have to dust everywhere to get rid of you, just give me a tiny little break okay, and behave for a day… k?

Notes to me:

1. Do not dust hours before they come because that still leaves dust critters floating around in the air and doesn’t give them time to settle.

2. Make sure to change the filters on things like a/c systems on a regular basis.

3. Have tissues on hand, for if a sneeze fit starts…

4. Ask them if they are comfortable.  Sometimes being polite for the sake of being polite is not a good thing here.  Let them know that you are sincere in the request to know if they are fine.